Our expertise for your pool

Pool funds in optical illusion! Guaranteed effect!

Our ceramic decorations are made only for masonry pools. This is ceramic tile coating!

Achievements on earthenware, enamelled or porcelain stoneware, enamelled lava.
Possibility of making "water line" assorted, Margelles, etc ... Until the decoration of your "Pool House".

A LOGO, a PHOTO, an IMAGE, in one word "CUSTOMIZATION" .... Your pool will be UNIQUE!

From the model to the pose ....

photo of the pool to be decorated


a mock-up with the final image


154 tiles of stoneware 30x30....

A big thank you toCARDEC in Saint Martin, our partner in the West Indies...
And to the PROCARDECO team for the pose, yet delicate.
Another big thank you!

Water lines

Water line made of ingelive ceramics tiles. No more decadent decorations, long live fantasy.